The most reasonable solution for better sleep

P1 is a portable Bluetooth sleep soundconverter that helps you sleep better.
Carry your sleep anywhere with P1’s compact size that fits perfect in any pocket of yours.

  • Portable


  • 블루투스2.png

    Bluetooth pairing

  • RBS Technology

    RBS Technology

  • LED functional indication

    LED functional

  • Wired sleep earphones

    sleep earphones

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation

World’s first RBS sleep sound conversion

P1 is the smallest and lightest sleep sound converter of all NEUROGIXS products.
However, it features the same performance of RBS sleep sound conversion.
Choose ultra-small, ultra-light P1 for a good night’s sleep training from now on.

LED functional indication

LED functional

LED indication lights lets you know whether
your music is sleep music or not.

One-touch button operation

It is safe to say that operating P1 is the easiest of all NEUROGIXS products.
Simply Bluetooth connect with any streaming device of yours.
Click the RBS button just once and enjoy sleep sound right away.


Slim design without all unnecessary elements
(Design Partner Onkyo Corporation)

Start maximized sleep training in the shortest period of time with P1’s petit and slim shape.
We removed all unnecessary factors other than RBS sleep sound conversion.
Focus only on your sleep.




  • Aux out

    3.5 mm

  • Charge type

    Micro 5 pin

  • Weight


  • Bluetooth version

    Bluetooth 4.2

  • Battery type

    (Lithium-ion polymer) 3.7v 1,000mAh (6 hours playback at 70% volume)

  • Dimensions

    56(W) mm x 11(D) mm x 92(H) mm