For Your Healthier Life

NEUROGIXS searches for sleep and meditation solutions that are essential for better life.
We are born to help you easily manage your own healthier life through quality sleep and meditation.

Mobile Application

Meet the unique features of NEUROGIXS Mobile Application.

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Sleep & Rest well no matter
where you are with Puck.
It is a portable Bluetooth speaker for better
wherever and whenever.


Sleep Better & Live Better with Compact at home.
It is a Bluetooth speaker for sleep care at home.

Alpha Pro

Meet our first daily healthcare kit Alpha Pro
and experience its total life care.

A set of Alpha Pro, Alpha Gear, and Mobile Application.
It analyzes your sleep conditions through EEG measurements
and provides customized curation accordingly.

works with the Google Assistant

Alpha AI

Your one and only personalized sleep manager.

Meet Alpha AI, which not only recognizes your daily sleep
but also offers a unique curation.

World’s first
RBS Technology

With our RBS Technology,
you may now stream any music
to sleep or meditation music in real-time.

Our world's first RBS Technology converts all
and any music of your choice to sleep or meditation music.
Shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and improve
the quality of your sleep through music.